A stainless steel electric skillet is one of the most versatile countertop kitchen appliances on the market. Use the skillet to simmer, braise, fry, stew, or saute dishes for your family meals. Since most professional chefs and home cooks are pressed for time, this appliance is quite a time-saver. Simply drop your meat, fish, poultry or beef into the frying pan's deep base, cover using the dome lid, and let the skillet do the rest.

Using a stainless steel electric skillet helps you prepare healthier meals. Since the surface is non-stick, there's no need to add fattening oil or butter. The meal releases quickly from the pan's surface which also makes cleaning a breeze. If you frequently prepare dishes that tend to burn easily, an electric skillet is a must have small kitchen appliance. The stainless steel alloy is ideal for distributing heat evenly throughout any dish you prepare.

Our top pick is the CucinaPro 1453 Classic Round 12 Inch. First, it is beautifully designed with wide handles and rubber footing which prevents the skillet from skidding across your countertop. It cooks food evenly and the temperature is easy to control. Eventhough it is dishwasher-safe, we suggest using a mild soap and a soft cloth just to be safe.  

We have reviewed two outstanding electric skillets made by Presto and Cuisinart. Both brands are highly recognized and respected, but the clear winner is the Presto Electric Skillet. The skillet includes a tempered glass dome lid which allows cooks to actually see the meal's progress. The non-slip handles makes handling dishes which tend to spatter much safer. it is unbelievably priced at just $35.00. This is one of the best reviewed products we've seen in cookware in a long while.
The Cuisinart Electric Skillet was fairly well reviewed by our customers. The pan is a bit pricey at $129.00, but is extremely versatile. Use the appliance to prepare eggs for breakfast, a stew for lunch, and a large steak for family dinner.

CucinaPro and Precise Heat offer some competition. Be sure to take a close look at the CucinaPro1653 Classic Electric Skillet and Precise Heat. These two famous brands of stainless steel cookware introduced pans which are durable and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. Precise Heat 3.5 Oil Core Skillet is quite unique. It is made from a 3-Ply stainless steel alloy. The oil is actually contained within the exterior walls of the pan.

When celebrities endorse cookware, we are always a bit skeptical. However, the George Foreman Electric Skillet and the Wolfgang Puck Electric Skillet lived up to their claims. These two countertop appliances performed well and are suprisingly affordable.

Whether you're looking for a stainless steel electric skillet or electric frying pan, take some time to review the customer comments and reviews. They serve as invaluable guides to help you make the best choice.